Tara Ruth

I came to Kelly after I had tried literally EVERY product on the market and seen two dermatologists in an attempt to clear up adult acne/food allergy skin rash. I had always had problem skin, since a teenager, and it was something I just lived with. Some days it was good, some days it was bad… but it was always there!

Kelly recommended I use her african black soap combined with the antioxidant facial serum, then once a week or so the clay mask, in addition to diet changes (eliminate sugar and processed foods). By the second day I noticed results. My skin was super soft and not as agitated.

Within 1 month my skin was actually clear. I’ve been using them now for over a year and I don’t know what I’d do without them haha. Kelly, these products are miracle products. SERIOUSLY!! I highly, highly recommend them to everyone. The only downside is I wish I found them sooner! THANK YOU!!!

July 2015