Holistic Detox Body Wrap

body wrap

Botanical brew and natural scrub helps to open and cleanse your pores. After Cleansing, the body is covered in a warm seaweed blend to break up fatty deposits, tone, re-mineralize and soften your skin. You’re then cocooned in layers to aid in a deeper detoxification process.

After your detoxing period, you will engulf yourself in a hot shower in your in-home shower, and you will be given privacy to rinse away the full body mask. 

Given your skin type, you will spritz yourself with a hydrosol to close your pores.

Once all the clay is washed away you may indulge in an entrancing Swedish back-of-the-body massage. 

After your Holistic Body Wrap experience, you will find your skin silky smooth, your body energized and your mind at ease. This treatment is a great way to cleanse the body not only physically, but emotionally as well- shedding layers of your past.

Bonus! This treatment also helps hold your tan longer. 

Extra seaweed, fruits, and essential oils are all complimentary options to this service.

2.5 Hours – $175 – In Your Home Only